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Americanism Essay Winners for 2014

The American Legion Auxiliary Post 287 recently held the 2014 Americanism Essay contest and the winners have been selected.  There were 69 entries in 5 categories which included students from 3 rd grade to 12 th grade and the schools that participated were Avenue City R9, North Andrew R6, and Savannah R3.   The theme this year was “How Can I Show My Pride In Being An American?”.  The winners were honored with a reception and awards and they are as follows:   Americanism Essay . . . read more


District Improvements: Message from Superintendent Don Lawrence

Message from Superintendent Lawrence delivered to the public at the Spring Program on March 27, 2014: Several years ago, the residents of the Avenue City School District decided that they would remain an independent district apart from the St. Joseph School District or the Savannah School District. In 1957, the original school was a product of school consolidation in the 1950s and consisted of 3 classrooms, 2 offices and a . . . read more

Kindergarten Class Challenges Principal Grimes to Take the Plunge

An effort to help the family of a 5-month-old Tarkio, Missouri boy with cancer has inspired thousands of people across the U.S. and even abroad to take a plunge into cold bodies of water. Organizers of the Facebook-based Plunge for Landon fundraiser said they have lost count of how many people have posted videos of themselves taking a dive for Landon Shaw, an infant from Tarkio, Missouri, who was diagnosed in late February with a rare . . . read more


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