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Kindness Rocks

Watch: https://youtu.be/8Wi0UWLeT9I

Have you heard about the Kindness Rocks movement? The second I read about it, I knew it would be a fun random act of kindness project for kids.  I often wonder how much of the negativity in our world our children are aware of. They overhear news stories, hear adults talking over dinner, see injustices done to others on the playground. It’s important to make sure that they are instilled with the value that can be found in bringing joy to others. That’s where this amazing new movement comes in.  Kindness Rocks are small rocks that are painted with fun, inspirational pictures or messages and are placed in public areas for others to find. They’re the latest thing in random acts of kindness!

Here’s how you can create Kindness Rocks with your family. You’ll need these supplies:

  • Palm-sized, smooth rocks
  • Acrylic paint and thin brushes
  • Paint pens or permanent marker 
  • Clear outdoor sealant spray 

Next, gather your rocks. Look for ones with a smooth side that fit in the palm of your hand. About 3” is the best size.

Paint the rocks whatever colors you’d like to provide a background for your artwork. Once dry, flip and paint the other side.

Now is the fun part! You get to decorate your rocks. Older students can write their own messages with paint pens or permanent markers. Younger students can paint designs for you to write a positive message on top of.

Once the paint is dry, spray the rocks with a clear outdoor sealant spray to protect them from the elements until they are found by others. 

See below for an example of finished Kindness Rocks. When you are finished with your rocks, and we are no longer practicing social distancing, you may choose to hide your kindness rocks throughout the community to be found by others! 


Remember Aces, when you have the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind!