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Avenue City School R-9

Teacher's Corner


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Indoor Challenge

From the desk of Coach Burgess


Indoor Challenge Check-List 

____ Jog in place while counting by 5’s (stop when you get to 100) 

____ Crab Walk to 3 different rooms in the house 

____ Run up the stairs 3 times- be careful (No Stairs, No Problem- do 25 high knees instead) 

____ Build a blanket tunnel- Army Crawl through it 5 times 

____ Bear Walk down your hallway and back 

____ “Toss, clap, catch” a sock ball 10 times 

____ Do 15 slow bicep curls with a canned vegetable (right and left side- 30 total) 

____ Do the DAB right and left 10 times 

____ Rainbow Run- get a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple marker/crayon and place them at one end of the hall- starting on the other side of the hall, race down and grab one at a time and take them back to your starting line in rainbow order) 

____ Cup Stack Race- get 6 disposable or plastic cups and stack them in front of you at the starting line- on “go” take one cup and place it at the finish line- continue stacking one cup at a time until you have built a 3-2-1 pyramid- (race 2- downstack the cups one at a time)