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Avenue City School R-9

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Sing with Wing 5/1/20

May 1st

Friday Family Music Activity


Song Game


Beginning play:

  1.  Find a “trigger-word”  Think of a song you know, choose a single word from those lyrics and write it down. This word is called a “trigger-word”

                        A “trigger-word” is a word that “triggers” you to sing a song.

                        A “trigger-word does not have to be in the title of a song.

                        trigger-word is a single  word, not a phrase.

  1. READY - Once all players have at least 3 “trigger-words” play is started.
  2. One player announce their “trigger word” 
  3. The other players race to be the 1st to SING at least a 5-word portion of ANY song containing the given “trigger word”
  4. It does not have to be the song that the player was thinking of when they wrote their trigger word BUT it does have to be a SONG. 
  5. First person to sing the song wins a point. IF no one can think of a song the person who thought of the “trigger word” then that person sings the 5 word phrase and gets the point. 



        Mrs. Wing announces her “trigger word” is fireflies

        Mrs. Grimes sings   You would not believe your eyes If ten million fireflies 

         Mrs. Grimes receives the point. 

         Mrs. Grimes turn her “trigger word” is peanuts

         Mrs. Wing cannot think of a song with peanuts in the lyrics.

         Mrs. Grimes sings: "Take me out to the ball game, Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack,

         Again Mrs. Grimes receives the point. 


Start your game and sing out those tunes!  Have a fun Friday!