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Cloth Face Masks

Cloth Face Coverings  
Avenue City School is requiring that all students bring a cloth face mask to school. There will be specific activities and times that the district requires your child to wear a mask. (for example: while on the bus or when social distancing guidelines cannot be followed.)  If you prefer for your child to wear a mask the entire time they are at school; we support you in that decision. 
       Have multiple cloth face coverings, so you can wash them daily and have back-ups ready. Choose cloth face coverings that
            o    Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
            o    Completely cover the nose and mouth
            o    Are secured with ties or ear loops
            o    Include multiple layers of fabric
            o    Allow for breathing without restriction
            o    Can be washed and machine dried without damage or change to shape
            o    Label your child’s face mask with permanent marker.
        Practice with your child putting on and taking off cloth face coverings without touching the cloth. 
        If you have a young child, help build their comfort wearing a cloth face covering and become comfortable seeing others in face covers.
            o    Praise your child for wearing a cloth face covering correctly.
            o    Put a cloth face covering on stuffed animals.
            o    Draw a cloth face covering on a favorite book character.
            o    Show images of other children wearing cloth face coverings.
            o    Allow your child to choose their cloth face covering.
        Consider providing your child with a container (labeled) to bring and store their face mask in.