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Avenue City School R-9



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Dismissal Procedures - Help us keep our students, parents, and staff safe!

Date:   August 2021

To:       Parents

School dismisses at 3:15 PM.

Please see the attached map of the parking lot. If you are picking up your children at scheduled dismissal time this is the procedure to follow.


If you need to sign your child out for an appointment, please sign them out and leave the parking lot before 3:05 PM. Reminder – any time your child leaves school between the hours of 8:20 AM and 3:15 PM attendance time is deducted.

Dismissal: The dismissal procedure must be followed for the safety of all students. The bell will ring at 3:15 PM. If your child is to go anywhere other than their regular destination, you must send a note stating the appropriate destination. Your child will be sent to their regular destination unless we have a note from you stating otherwise. We will not hold busses or make phone calls to inquire about a student’s destination. Please do not wait and call school at dismissal time and ask us to hold your child at school or ask that we tell them to go to a different destination. The office and classrooms become very busy at the end of the day. It is sometimes impossible to get a message to your child and waiting to inform your child of their destination often leads to added confusion for your child as well as staff members.

Parents who are picking up their students must form a line with their cars pointing from West to East directly parallel to the front side walk. If your car is not in the appropriate line, your student will be held in the grass north of the sidewalk until the parking lot is clear of busses and other moving vehicles.

The parent pick-up line in the afternoon sometimes extends to the highway. Some parents have been parking in the middle of the lot and climbing out of cars crossing the parking lot to the sidewalk to fetch children. There are students and parents crossing in front of moving vehicles. This is NOT safe.

Our goal is to make sure everyone gets home in the most safe and efficient manner.   For the safety of our students and staff we ask that the following dismissal procedures be followed:

Preschool dismissed at 3:10 PM

Bell #1: 3:15 PM – Grades K, 2, 4, & 8

Bell #2:  3:16 PM – Grades 1, 3, & 6

Bell #3:  3:17 PM – Grades 5 & 7

*Preschool students will be dismissed at 3:10 PM at the south door by the office. Parents will need park in the middle of the lot, leave their cars and walk to the door to fetch their child(ren). 

*Grades K-8:  Continue to form line as designed on attachment. If line extends to highway, pull into lot and park in the middle. WAIT in your vehicles until the car line by the sidewalk has dwindled. Once that car line has dwindled, join the car line at the end and pull forward appropriately. IF this process is followed it takes less than nine (9) minutes to dismiss every child. Thank you for working with us cooperatively to keep our students, parents, and staff healthy and safe.