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Avenue City School R-9



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District's Philosophy Statement

The Board of Education, staff and patrons of the Avenue City School District believe that all students can learn and should be provided an education.  Students have fundamental rights to education regardless of age, race, sex, religion, national origin, social-economic status, or handicapping conditions.

 The community, parents, and staff will encourage all students to reach their potential by taking part in a progressive, stimulating, and challenging program designed to develop students into life-long learners.

 We intend for our program to develop self-reliant learners and workers who not only master the basics, but who have the skills to compete in today’s quickly changing and fast paced world.  These include, but are not limited to, communication skills, people skills, technology skills, research skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills and the abilities required to be flexible and adaptable.  In the end, we hope to produce active, intelligent, well-adjusted, responsible citizens of good character.

 We feel that in order to accomplish our goals we must cultivate a positive self-image in each student.  To do this we must teach an awareness of the whole being and a need to maintain a healthy balance in the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual areas.

 In order to reach these goals the district must provide an environment conducive to meeting these needs.  First, we must provide employees who can meet the needs of a wide variety of students.  We expect our people to be honest, caring, congenial, energetic, active, progressive, flexible, and competent people who have the needs of our students as their main focus.  Their skills should allow them to accommodate for individual differences as we encourage students to strive to attain their potential.

 We will provide for a physical environment conducive to learning.  This includes making sure the school is safe and comfortable.  Our building should be inviting to students and provide adequate space and equipment to accommodate our educational program.  This includes keeping our building in the best possible condition while making plans to accommodate growth in populations and programs.

 Finally, our program must actively seek community participation in our district’s educational process.  When students, staff, parents, and community work together we have the best chance for success.


*This philosophy was developed as an integrated effort of patrons, staff, and board members.  The philosophy was then typed and distributed back to committees for further input.  After typing a final version, the philosophy was posted at the April 10, 1995 board meeting and officially adopted by the board at the May 11, 1995 meeting.  (The philosophy was reviewed by staff on May 31, 2000 and May 20, 2002.  This philosophy was also reviewed by the Board of Education on July 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.)