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Avenue City School R-9

Teacher's Corner


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Social Studies

From Beginnings to the Civil War and Beyond!

Online Activites

Exploration: Chapter 3

Early European Settlements:     Timeline

13 Colonies: Chapters 5-7
    Daily Life in the 1600's
    13 Colonies
    Colonial America
    Colonial Family and Community
    Education in the Colonies: Scroll down to see a primer!

    Colonial Hygiene (Thanks to the Powells)

    What was it like to be a child in colonial times?
    Colonial Adventure! 

Slave Trade

Revolutionary War

    Information and games




    After the War


Building a New Nation        

Erie Canal

Industrial Revolution


            more inventors

            even more inventors

       Inventor's quiz

Ch 11: Review

Civil War-North vs. South

The Great Debate

Economics Unit-Media Awareness